The Edmonton Oilers are allowed to celebrate


  • Pump the brakes.
  • Settle down.
  • Don’t get carried away.
  • No, the Oilers aren’t going to go 82-0.
  • No, James Neal isn’t going to finish this season with 164 goals.
  • No, three games do not a season make.
  • Most of the people who were fist-pumping and high-fiving last night with the Oilers off to a flying start have pretty much got that figured out.
  • It’s called enjoying the moment.
  • And if Oilers’ fans can’t allow themselves that, if they can’t celebrate the highs for however long they last after watching their team miss the playoffs for 12 of the last 13 years, when, exactly, are they supposed to cut loose a little and have a good time?
  • Neal is getting almost twice as much time on the power play with the Oilers through three games than he got in Calgary last season when he was an unmitigated flop.
  • Neal sits at 4:32 right now on the first PP unit, compared to the 2:21 he played in Cowtown, where he was mostly on the second unit.

“You want that confidence as a goal scorer, you want to see the puck going into the back of the net,” Neal said. “I’ve been put into a great position here to play and overall I just like the way our team plays. We’re playing fast, we’re jumping on teams and you can tell.”

  • Here’s what Dave Tippett had to say about the veteran this morning:

“New team rule, you score 4 and you don’t have to practice. Nealer took advantage.”

Sources & Credits: Frank Seravalli, ROBIN BROWNLEE, Oilersnation


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