Legendary goalkeeper Petr Cech has signed with a hockey team in England


  • Petr Cech was a legend on the pitch for his country, Chelsea and Arsenal during his incredible career, but back in May he retired from soccer.
  • It’s very unusual and rare for athletes to retire from one sport and immediately get involved in another, but that’s exactly what Cech is doing as the 37-year-old has officially signed with the Guildford Phoenix.
  • The position Cech is playing won’t change, but the sport is and going from any sport to the ice is not easy to say the least.
  • Cech, however, is apparently more than prepared to take on the challenge as he grew up playing the sport and watching it.
  • Guildford Phoenix is a hockey team in England and Cech will make his debut with the club this Sunday!

Sources & Credits: Guildford Phoenix, Bardown

Petr Cech as ice hockey goalkeeper

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