Leafs leaked the identity of their next Captain by mistake: Papi Matthews



  • The leafs were shooting all their promotional shots for the season and posted this behind the scenes video on their Instagram page.
  • What they don’t realise, is that they might have leaked the identity of their next Captain.
  • Auston Papi Matthews … Baby!!!
  • This seems to be an oops moment for sure !
  • Leafs will probably officially reveal the captain’s identity when they released that video on opening night.
  • You can already expect Matthews to be unveiling the Captain Jersey he’s wearing under this one.
  • Kind of how he did it at the All Star game with the Marleau Jersey.
  • But most important fact, all those promotional shots for the year will feature that moustache.



Is Matthews the right choice to become the next Maple Leafs captain?

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