Marner status with Maple Leafs ‘not our main concern,’ Rielly says


  •  Mitchell Marner remains a restricted free agent with the Toronto Maple Leafs opening training camp Thursday.
  • Although the potential absence of the 22-year old forward who led Toronto in scoring each of the past two seasons is not ideal, some of his teammates said getting themselves ready is the priority.

“[Marner’s negotiation] is not our main concern as players,” Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly said Wednesday. “We have to be ready for camp. We’ve got things to worry about. We’re trying to get better and make sure that we’re ready. We let the other (management) group take care of that and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“You just deal with it as it comes, that’s not within our control as players,” Rielly said. “We’ve talked to Mitch and obviously we want him here, he’s a big part of our group and a great teammate. We want him in the mix but there’s only so much we can do as players. We have to get ready and worry about our own games. Camp starts tomorrow, so we have our hands full there and we’ll let others take care of what’s going on with Mitch.”

  • Coach Mike Babcock told TSN on Wednesday that he hopes Marner will agree to a contract but there’s no sense being concerned about it.

“You’re just optimistic that it will get done,” Babcock said. “I leave the business side of that to [general manager Kyle] Dubas. I’m not really involved in that. We’re just looking forward to having Mitch around.”


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