Tyler Seguin’s car got hit and the guilty party left a VERY guilty note


  • That’s Tyler Seguin’s white Ferrari 458, and you can bet that some damage on that bad boy would be certain to leave a little dent in the wallet.
  • One driver found themselves in the undesirable position of UNDOUBTEDLY being 100% at fault after striking the car worth north of 200K.
  • They decided to leave a note, as many would, but instead of the contact and insurance information, he left a simple message –

“Sorry, I just hitted your car. My bad bro… I don’t have money to pay…”


  • No name.  No contact info.  No insurance details.  Nothing.
  • It’s not clear how serious the damage was — or if it was even noticeable.  It’s also not clear if Seguin was in Dallas, Toronto, or elsewhere.
  • In either case, as Seguin put it: “Monday  ”
  • If you thought you were having a rough Monday… think again.
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