Bryan Rust dressed as a FedEx driver to surprise Penguins fans with their season tickets


  • Each year, members of the Pittsburgh Penguins get together on a day before the preseason to personally deliver season ticket packages to the season ticket holders.
  • On Monday, the players were out and about in the Pittsburgh area surprising fans of all ages with their season ticket packages for the 2019-20 season and Bryan Rust went all in by dressing up as a FedEx delivery person with the truck and all.
  • We’re not sure what’s better, the fact that Rust went all in and dressed the part, or the fact that he wrote and signed a letter to excuse the children from class.


  • Jared McCann also came through with a pretty awesome, and hilarious, delivery as the Penguins forward greeted a lucky fan at the bus stop as he was dropped off from his day at school.
  • It’s pretty awesome when a team shows you how much they appreciate your support by sending some of their players to your house to personally deliver your season tickets.


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