Kaapo Kakko scored a jaw-dropping OT winner for the Rangers in Traverse City Tournament


  • Kaapo Kakko doesn’t need your help… What a goal!
  • Monday, Kakko made his debut in the Traverse City Tournament for the Rangers and the 18-year-old didn’t disappoint with three assists in regulation and the highlight-reel overtime winner thanks to a phenomenal individual effort.
  • Kakko is the future of the Rangers and wow, does the future look incredibly bright.
  • He was sick enough to miss the past two games.
  • We didn’t know if he was playing today because of residual effects either.
  • He had three assists and this game-winning goal for a four-point day.
  • He looked like he was playing against a U14 team.
  • It’s only a showcase game, but it’s hard not to buy into the hype, much like it was hard not to buy into the hype of Kakko dominating for Finland on the international stage against NHL players.

Highlights: Kaapo Kakko’s 4 Point Game in Traverse City | New York Rangers


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