Pierre McGuire removed from NBC’s No. 1 NHL team in favor of Brian Boucher


  • The longtime hockey analyst has been removed from NBC Sports’ No. 1 hockey broadcast crew and will be replaced by Brian Boucher, a source told The Athletic’s Rick Carpiniello.
  • McGuire will still work NHL games for NBC but Boucher will be on the top team with Mike “Doc” Emrick and Ed Olczyk, adds Carpiniello.
  • The 58-year-old joined the network when it acquired the league’s U.S. broadcast rights in 2006. He has been working full-time for NBC since 2011.
  • McGuire drew criticism and was essentially forced to apologize for a series of awkward on-air exchanges with fellow analyst Kendall Coyne Schofield in January.
  • While some viewers like McGuire, there’s been a lot of criticism of him dating back to his time with TSN (and with Montreal radio station CJAD before that), with much of that continuing through his run with NBC.
  • Particular elements McGuire has taken criticism for include awkward conversations with fellow broadcasters and athletes, dubious non-reporting, patronizing remarks, and an inexplicable devotion to telling us where everyone played junior hockey.
  • Here are a selection of some (not all) of the McGuire highlights over the years:

10. “You’re an announcer with a long stick from time to time” (to TSN’s Darren Dutchyshen on a 2008 Tradecentre broadcast)

9. Montreal hockey fans are knowledgeable because they cheer when their team does well (on a March 2014 NBC broadcast)

8. “I would love for someone to come up with an analytics number for grit, because grit matters.” (2014)

7. Being avoided by the likes of Henrik Zetterberg and Phil Kessel (2013 and 2016 respectively)

6. Asking Phil Kessel “How’s your breath?” (2016)

5. Giving Matt Cullen a butt slap (2016)

4. Mixing up who the Red Wings’ coach was (2016)

3. “I’m going with my comrade Jeff O’Neill, and the biggest reason why is there’s so much to see. They couldn’t find a hockey stick big enough to protect the girth.” (2017, re: which TSN panelist should appear nude in the ESPN The Mag Body Issue)

2. “You’re one of the 10 ladies that experienced the disappointment in Sochi. What’s going to be your message coming out here for the last 20 minutes?” (2018, complained about by NBC colleague Leslie Jones)

1. “Tampa’s gonna be on your left, Pittsburgh’s gonna be on your right. What are you expecting out of this game? We’re paying you to be an analyst, not to be a fan tonight!” (to Olympic gold medalist and NBC analyst Kendall Coyne Schofield on a broadcast in 2019)


Top 10 Times Pierre McGuire Was Weird AF

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