NHL releases top selling jerseys from 2018/19 and there are some surprises


  • The NHL released their most popular selling jerseys on Tuesday from the 2018/19 season and there are a few notable rankings.
  • The top 15 jerseys were released through the league’s official distributor, Fanatics, along with the NHL Shop.
  • Seeing the names Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Auston Matthews at the top shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it is interesting got see Connor McDavid come in at No. 10.
  • Connor McDavid slipped from No. 2 to 10 despite a 116-point season after his Edmonton Oilers missed the playoffs for the second straight year.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury coming in at No. 4 might be a surprise to some, but consider that the Golden Knights fandom has skyrocketed over since their inception, as thousands of sports fans in Vegas rush to get their hands on a piece of merchandise.
  • Plus, who doesn’t like Marc-Andre Fleury?
  • If you had to choose between McDavid and Fleury to got for dinner with, you’ll probably want to stick with Fleury.
  • Connor has been known to be the moody type… specially when he’s being asked a question.
  • Even if he might be the best player on the planet right now, fans don’t seem to connect with his personality that much.
  • Just take a look at the video below … everything starts with your relation with the media.
  • If don’t like them, people won’t like you.
  • You attract what you are.

Connor McDavid/Versus the Media


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