You’re gonna want to have what Ovechkin is having.


  • Fans can’t get enough of Mamma Lucia’s chicken Parmesan
  • If it’s game day and the Capitals are playing at home, there’s an order of chicken Parmesan, pasta, Italian bread and four (yes, four) different sauces specially prepared for Alex Ovechkin
  • It’s a high-calorie culinary tradition that dates back to the captain’s rookie year.

“It’s a tradition from day one,” Ovechkin told Kaplan. “They have the Italian food always when we came to the rink, and it’s very delicious.”

  • The routine, at least for the past five years, hasn’t changed.
  • On home game days, a chef shows up at the Bethesda location at 9 a.m. to prepare Ovechkin’s regular order.
  • A driver hits the road with the food by 9:30 and drops it off at Kettler Capitals Iceplex.

  • Aside from the impressive amount of carb loading, Ovi also opts for an anything-but-ordinary drink on the bench, and teammate Matt Niskanen dished on how surprised he was to take a swing out of one of his bottles at practice once.

  • Yup, Ovi was enjoying a Coca-Cola on the bench.
  • It seems like this is an actual thing for some of the league’s toughest customers, because we definitely remember Chara guzzling pop on the bench back in the day, too.

D.C. restaurant shares Alex Ovechkin’s home game meal

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