Behind the scenes with the Habs at the 2019 NHL Draft



  • Go behind the scenes with the Habs at the #NHLDraft, from mic’d up scouting meetings and one-on-one interviews, to the event floor in Vancouver.
  • Marc Bergevin received calls before making his first round pick.
  • Looks as if he was open for discussions, but when Timmens saw that Caufield was still available, his choice was made.
  • Just before the selection of the Panthers, Trevor Timmins and he had three players on their list.
  • That’s when Timmins wanted a helping hand from the Panthers, if they could pick Spencer Knight … a wish that came true!
  • This is where Habs decided to keep their pick and refused all the offers.
  • BTW; a third round pick to move back two picks?
  • Who is the clown that offered that??
  • George McPhee was that clown apparently …hahaha

Welcome To Montreal : Cole Caufield (HD)

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