Gord Miller retells incredibly touching story of Crosby sharing the Stanley Cup with a blind man


  • Sidney Crosby has achieved the highest amount of success while being the greatest hockey player of his generation.
  • Connor McDavid might be the most talented in the world, but he still can’t hold a candle to Crosby’s achievements.
  • One of the most gracious athletes on the planet, Crosby is also a tremendous figure in the community.
  • Gord Miller, TSN’s legendary play-by-play host, is currently co-hosting TSN 1050’s drive show, OverDrive 1050.
  • On Wednesday’s show, Miller retold a story of Crosby during his time shadowing Crosby at his hockey school after the Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 2016.
  • Miller told Crosby about a hospital designated for veterans nearby.
  • After meeting a few of the veterans, one of them said: “it’s too bad Joe wasn’t here, as he would’ve loved this.”
  • Crosby followed that up by asking who exactly Joe was.
  • Turns out Joe was a Korean war veteran who was blind and bed-ridden.
  • Being the good guy that he is, Crosby asked went upstairs to visit Joe.
  • When they entered Joe’s room, Joe informed Crosby that he was a Montreal Canadiens fan. Crosby laughed and said it wasn’t a problem, and then asked who his favourite Montreal Canadien was.
  • Joe answered: “Rocket Richard.”
  • What Crosby did was truly heartwarming and amazing.
  • He brought the cup over to Joe, grabbed his hand, and helped him trace his finger over where Richard’s name was engraved on the Cup.

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