Is Brent Burns the best defenseman in the world right now?


  • After publishing a list of the NHL’s top 20 centers and top 20 wingers, the NHL Network has released its top defenseman ranking.
  • Burns set a new high in points for his career despite turning 34 in March.
  • But fans do not seem to agree.
  • As a matter of fact, majority of them think Burns is overrated and to slow.
  • That he’s only there because he’s adding up points on the powerplay.
  • His defensive game is pretty average, and most of the people agree that the best defenseman playing for the Sharks is Erik Karlsson.
  • And how about Victor Hedman?
  • This guy just doesn’t make mistakes
  • He’s a 6-foot-6, with graceful skating abilities, big shot, plays on the powerplay and [penalty kill],
  • He’s always out there in big meaningful spots for the Tampa Bay Lightning,
  • He’s that well-rounded, that good, and when you’re 6-foot-6, that makes a big difference because size does matter from that standpoint, especially the way he skates.
  • We agree with the Fans on this one… Hedman is our number one.

Top 20 Defensemen Right Now Aug 18, 2019




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