Marner’s camp has had discussion with ZSC Lions


  • Skating with teams in Europe or using the KHL as a potential negotiating tactic are often the way things play out and it looks like this offseason will be no different.
  • Rick Dhaliwal of Sportsnet has spoken with a source in Europe that tells him Mitch Marner’s camp has already reached out to the Zurich Lions of the Swiss NLA in case a deal can’t get done with the Toronto Maple Leafs in time for the season.
  • Something like this does not by any means indicate that a contract won’t be signed between Marner and the Maple Leafs, but it would give him a potential place to keep his game sharp on a temporary basis.
  • That doesn’t necessarily mean that Marner isn’t looking for a place to suit up and get on the ice however, similar to how William Nylander kept in shape with Swedish and Austrian clubs during his situation last year.
  • If anything, this will hopefully put some pressure on both sides to get something done in the next few weeks as we are now less than a month away from training camp.
  • This is getting to the point of ridiculousness for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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