NHL/Longest Suspensions EVER


  • NHL hockey is known for its aggressive and high contact plays
  • But when that turns to violence or moves that put players or referees in danger, players often face suspension at the hands of the league.
  • For some players in the National Hockey League, the sin bin has proven to be insufficient.
  • There is no denying it, hockey, especially at the elite level of the NHL, is a dangerous game with a multitude of ways one can be seriously injured.
  • And when during play a skater does something nefarious that increases the danger of the game or all-out threatens the physical well-being on an opponent, the league must step in and dole out suspensions.
  • It is a great game, though, and the NHL police just hope to keep it that way and prevent it from becoming mired in controversy.

Raffi Torres needs to go.

Don Cherry on Raffi Torres

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