David Krejci coming off a great year, isn’t going anywhere


  • The 33-year-old center had one of his very best seasons potting 20 goals and tying his regular season-best with 73 points while suiting up for 81 games
  • Krejci looked healthy, strong and productive from beginning to end.
  • The same success didn’t follow Krejci into the playoffs as it has in the past.
  • Krejci’s name has popped up in trade whispers among the Bruins fan base this summer.
  • It’s nothing new based on his team-highest $7.25 million salary cap hit and the fact that his no-trade protection is no longer as bulletproof as it once was based on his contractual season that began on July 1.
  • At 33 years old, Krejci’s value will probably never be higher again than it was after a stupendous regular season.
  • But if the Bruins dealt away Krejci, they would immediately have a gaping hole at the No. 2 center spot behind Patrice Bergeron.
  • That’s why Cam Neely wants nothing to do with the idea of trading his top 6 center.

“I thought David had a fantastic year. He had a really strong year. I think he’s a guy that’s generally been a playoff performer, and wants to be known as a playoff player…not just a regular-season player,” said Bruins President Cam Neely in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports Boston. “To your point, I think we’ve got some centermen in our pipeline. But to step up to be a No. 2 in the National Hockey League, they are not quite there yet. And David is filling that role quite nicely for us.”

  • Can Krejci duplicate his 2018-19 regular season this coming year when he’ll turn 34 years old in April?
  • The Boston Bruins have one major piece of work left to complete this summer, namely getting future franchise defenseman, Charlie McAvoy signed to a new deal.
  • McAvoy should slot right into that neighborhood just shy of $6 million per season on a six-year contract and that would allow him to remain with a Bruins team that he clearly has fallen in love with after this spring’s Cup run.
  • But Bruins only have a bit under $7M left to spend on their Cap Space for both Carlo and McAvoy.
  • Every day the pair remain without new contracts, the fan base gets a little more tense and a little louder in questioning why’s it’s not done yet.

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