Is Mitch Marner The Most Overrated Player In The NHL?


  • NHL author Andrew Berkshire joined Starting Lineup to discuss why Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner could be the most overrated player in the NHL.
  • Leafs fans were certainly not happy about this.
  • All around, Berkshire says Marner is only good on the Powerplay.
  • Basically, his argument is based on facts or what should we call NHL advanced stats.
  • Among the Leafs, Marner is only the 4th rank player in the creating scoring chances categorie.
  • First you got Tavares, no surprise there.
  • Then you got Matthews… again no surprise.
  • But then, at third place, you would expected Marner to be there, but no…
  • According to Berkshire, Marner only comes in as the 26th best ranked first line forward among the league in that category.
  • He might have a point…
  • At the end of the day, pointing out in the media that Marner is the most overrated player in the NHL is certainly not helping his camp.
  • Do the Leafs and Dubas have some arrangements with Berkshire?
  • We can only speculate …
  • Marner be like … Yo Berk … Just watch my Top 10 plays of last year and forget about your stupid stats…

Top 10 Mitchell Marner plays from 2018-19




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