NHL/NHLPA 2019 Concussion Education Video


  • The NHL and NHLPA have joined forces to help hockey players, parents, coaches and medical staff at all levels of the sport heading into the upcoming season.
  • In the video below, learn about how to recognize signs and symptoms of a possible concussion, and how to proceed if a concussion is suspected.
  • Too many folks today still believe that hockey helmets are great for reducing concussions and it’s so far from the truth!
  • Those cheap yet expensive bicycle like helmets that hockey players wear is only good to prevent skull fractures or limit the damage of the head hitting the ice.
  • The help reduce pain when there is impact but your brain still hits the inside of your skull causing a concussion.
  • The rest is up to the players, hit and take hits can result in concussions, that is really sad but true!

Pat LaFontaine: “We have learned a lot from science but there is still a lot we don’t know. What we are sure of is: If you suspect you have a concussion, you need to report your symptoms quickly and accurately.”

Patrice Bergeron: “Don’t be afraid to let a coach or a member of the medical staff know that you think your teammate might be dealing with some symptoms of a concussion. Because that can go a really long way with him.”

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