Top 10 David Pastrnak plays from 2018-19

  • When you look at David Pastrnak’s career stats, you’ll notice that this past season was only a one-point improvement over his previous campaign.
  • “Huh,” you think. “That’s not that great.”
  • No, maybe not…until you realize that one more point came in 16 fewer games.
  • There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe Pastrnak’s game.
  1. He’s the Bruins best shooter.
  2. He’s their most creative offensive player.
  3. He’s their best scorer,
  4. He’s their most dangerous power play weapon,
  5. He’s their most exciting player.
  6. Pastrnak took everything he did in 2017-2018 and improved on it this season.
  7. If Pastrnak hadn’t gotten injured and had produced at the same pace, he would have cracked the 100-point mark.
  8. In his three full (i.e. not half-seasonish) NHL campaigns, he’s scoring at a pace of 1.04 points per game.
  9. He’s only 23, and won’t be 24 until late May.
  10.  He’s improved his goal-scoring and total points numbers every season since he made his NHL debut.
  • His 38-goal output this season wasn’t really a fluke either: his 16.2% shooting percentage represented only a slight increase over his previous seasons (13-14% range)
  • Pastrnak put it all together this season, rolling with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron to put up career highs in goals (38) and points (81).
  • He continued that run with a decent playoffs, tallying 19 points in 24 games.
  • He was absolutely lethal on the power play, recording 17 goals and 16 assists with the man advantage.

David Pastrnak (#88) | All 38 Goals from 2018-19 Regular Season | BOS



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