Sidney Crosby vs Connor McDavid


  • McDavid and Crosby are both capable of taking teams on their back and leading them to wins, but they play different styles.
  • Both players like to attack off the rush, but McDavid is all speed and hands, while Crosby uses more diverse skating techniques to alter his speed, and protects the puck with his body to create space.
  • Once in the offensive zone, Crosby is a forechecking demon who works the boards to create space for his teammates.
  • McDavid likes to hang on to the puck and deke around players, he’s a little more patient.
  • The speed McDavid has, he just creates something out of nothing always, which is what  good players can do.
  • Obviously Crosby’s a winner, the things he can do with the puck.
  • He makes players around him better
  • He’s in a league of his own.
  • When McDavid slows down in a couple of years, he’ll lose that edge he currently has against the best defencemen in the league.
  • So yes, right now, he’s the number one, but Crosby remains the best.


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