Matthew Tkachuk/Top Jerk Moments


  • Matthew Tkachuk has been an interesting player to say the least.
  •  Many believe that Tkachuk is one of the most complete young players in the game.
  • Tkachuk has it all in his toolbox.
  • He’s got grit, skill, great hockey sense, and plays with a wicked edge.
  • But most of all, he also likes to get under the skin of his opponents.
  • He’s probably the biggest savage players will ever have to face, cuz this guy just has no shame.
  • Think of him as Marchand Junior.
  • Just like Marchand, he can heat all the hate from his opponent.
  • The more you hate him…well… the better he’s going to play.



12 minutes of Matthew Tkachuk pissing people off as a rookie


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