Top 10 Connor McDavid plays from 2018-19


  • New Edmonton Oilers head coach Dave Tippett is looking to focus on using Connor McDavid for his offence this season, and therefore plans to cut down his time on the penalty kill.
  • Tippett told The Athletic that McDavid will spend less time on the ice when the Oilers are down a man and didn’t rule out the possibility of the star centre spending a full two-minute power play on the ice.

“I would venture guessing he’s going to play less PK this year. I would like to see him more at 5-on-5 and on the power play,” Tippett said.

“As for the power play, that’s an interesting one. There are times when your power play goes out and you’ve got them hemmed in that end. You’re not using as much energy as when you’re going up and down the ice four or five times. Then there’s time for a change. That one’s a hard one to say. If your top players aren’t tired and they’re creating chances and creating momentum for you, you let them play.

“But for the PK, my goal to start here is to have both Connor and Leon (Draisaitl) play less penalty kill than they did last year and have them fresher for 5-on-5 and the power play.”

  • McDavid averaged the most time of any forward in the NHL last season at 22:50 per game, followed closely by Draisaitl, who was second in the league at 22:35.
  • Connor belike: ” Really Bruh? … Just leave me on the ice for



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