Eric Lindros wished William Nylander a great season after Nylander switched his number to 88


  • Those still looking for a reason to be Mad Online In July over William Nylander’s switch from No. 29 to No. 88 just took a big blow to their fake outrage campaign.
  • Eric Lindros himself — the “real” No. 88, the Big E — took to Twitter on Wednesday to politely let everyone know that the big-time Maple Leafs legend who played a whopping 33 games in the Blue and White like 13 years ago does not care about any of this in the slightest.
  • Essentially there was a small but vocal chunk of Leafs Twitter fans that was outraged a little soft Swede like Willy Nylander actually had the audacity to switch his number from 29 to 88 — famously worn by Lindros who was not soft nor a Swede or a Nylander.
  • Lindros spent one season in Toronto and recorded 22 points in 33 games.
  • It was his second-last season in the National Hockey League and now his number belongs to a player hoping to bounce back from a 27-point season.

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