Loui Eriksson is ready to get out of Vancouver

  • According to Loui Eriksson’s agent, J.P Barry, he and the Vancouver Canucks are working on finding Eriksson a new home.
  • Eriksson and the Canucks aren’t exactly the pair, things haven’t worked out for both parties.
  • This shouldn’t come as a shock, Eriksson just hasn’t fit with the team since signing his contract as a free agent.
  • He was originally signed to help the Sedin twins in their finals years but it just never clicked.
  • He then never seemed to click anywhere else and thus saw his role diminish leading to a healthy scratch later last season.
  • With the Canucks turning towards their youth, it was hard to envision where Eriksson would fit which is likely what has the Eriksson camp motivated to get a trade done.
  • Eriksson does currently have a full no-trade clause.
  • Goodbye Loui …

J,P says he talks to Jim Benning 2-3 times a week, “for a lot of hockey reasons, it might be better for Loui to play somewhere else.”

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