Justin Williams Is Furious After Bruins Score Third Goal

  • Justin Williams wasn’t happy on the Hurricanes bench, thinking the Bruins got away with an icing on their third goal against the Hurricanes.
  • This has been the story all playoffs.
  • It seems that the Bruins and the Sharks were favored by some pretty bad officiating this postseason.
  • This game was still up for a grab with 10 minutes left into the 3rd and the Canes trailing 2-0.
  • But let’s face it, at that point, everybody knew this series was over.
  • Was this Justin Williams last professional hockey game.
  • Williams becomes UFA on july 1st.
  • He will be 38 years ol next october when the season starts again.
  • Too bad this might have been the last time we saw Williams wearing a Hurricanes Jersey.
  • Yelling and waving at the refs for not doing their job.
  • Maybe it’s time to go home and to move on to something else.

NHL Highlights | Bruins vs. Hurricanes, Game 4 – May 16, 2019

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