Doug Eyolfson questions Gary Bettman

  • For those who don’t know Mr. Eyolfson, he’s a Canadian physician and Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada for the riding of Charleswood
  • No matter what transpires, Eyolfson has staked his position in a seminal hockey debate.
  • During Bettman’s testimony, the commissioner told him that fighting has diminished to the point where it doesn’t occur in 85 percent of NHL games.
  • To the former ER doctor, any number below 100 percent is insufficient.
  • You can have as many PhD’s as you want, it obviously hasn’t educated you enough to realize that fighting in hockey prevents more head injuries than it causes.
  • Keep your nose out of sports and in your books, pigeon.
  • Fighting is a deterrent to viscous contact.
  • Also, besides goal scoring, fighting is the most popular highlights on youtube and social media platforms.
  • In fact, the Lucic fight vs Kurtis Gabriel was one of the most exciting and popular highlight of the 2019 season.


Milan Lucic Vs. Kurtis Gabriel Goes Full 12 Rounds For Heavyweight Fight




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