When asked about playing in Florida Panarin replied with: They have no fans.


  • Panarin admits that him and Bobrovsky are chilling in Florida just for the Beaches and vacations.
  • He asked fans ” Why would I play for a team that doesn’t have fans?”
  • Then later in the conversation he said he should stop the conversation because his agent will get mad at him.
  • This is the translated exchange he had in russian with some of his fans on his Instagram Live feed

Panarin’s Live Feed From Miami, with a Fan, his friend and Celebrity Show Host Stan, and Bob 

Fans ask if he wanted to play for the Russian National Team, Panarin replied that he wanted to play and many people wished him luck but he never got called up so he never went. He never declined to go play

-Fans say come to play with Dadonov, and Panarin says that Florida has no fans in the stands

-Panarin asks Bob to join his live feed. Says he has a couple of questions for him

-Asks Alice to call “Sega”(Bob) so he can join the live feed

-Panarin says that Bob laughs at him because when someone new visit’s Bread’s house he start explaining what trick Rizhiy can do

-Fans says that Ukraine is cheering for Russia, and Panarin thanks them

-Panarin says that is probably not fun to watch him play with the dog, but he is waiting for Sega(Bob) to join, also thinks that he is avoiding him to avoid saying anything extra about contracts

-Panarin says Vegas is an awesome team. The atmosphere is the best in the NHL

-Panarin still doesn’t know English but plans to study this summer

-Fans asking Panarin if he knows about Bob’s new team, and Panarin replies that he is trying to connect with him so he can ask

-Bob is in the bathroom, can’t join

-Panarin is not watching the World Championships, watching the ocean and getting a tan

-Fans ask Panarin to connect with someone from the Russian National Team, but Panarin not sure who has Instagram

-Bob should be online soon


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