Nick Foligno gets sucker punched by Steven Stamkos

  • Not only the Lightning are losing in the series… But they are also losing their minds over the Jackets.
  • Last night during a scrum, Steven Stamkos delivered a cheap sucker punch to the Jackets captain while the refs were still restraining him.

“I’ll never forget that one.”

“I’d just like to think he has a little more respect, but it’s playoff hockey too. I can’t expect it not to happen in a scrum. Next time I’ll just make sure to throw the first punch.”

Nick Foligno

  • Foligno would, without a doubt, destroy Stamkos in a fight.
  • Will he get his revenge.
  • This is playoff hockey, after all.
  • The Lightning will have their backs against their wall in the next game, and reality has come crashing down after they soared through the regular season.


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