Hurricanes’ Petr Mrazek Takes John Carlson Slap Shot Full Force In Mask

  • Washington Capitals’ John Carlson absolutely tees up a one-timer that hits Petr Mrazek in the side of the face, the Carolina Hurricanes’ goalie would remain in the net.
  • Mrazek didn’t go to the quiet room after this?
  • The Canes had 91 seconds remaining to kill off a five-minute major when the puck hit Mrázek.
  • Definitely an added scary scene since John Carlson has the hardest shot in the league.
  • Mrázek took some time to get checked out by head athletic trainer Doug Bennett.
  • He stayed in the game.



NHL Highlights | Hurricanes vs Capitals, Game 2 – Apr 13, 2019

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