Will the Tampa Bay Lightning learn their lesson?


  • Jon Cooper knows what went wrong in the first game of the series between the Lightning Blue Jackets.
  • In wanting to be too greedy, his men ran to their loss.
  • The Lightning players have stumbled, but we can understand them to be carried away.
  • Raised by the enthusiasm of their fans, they let their emotions take over.
  • And by quickly forging a three-goal lead, they thought, like most of us, the game was pretty much over.
  • Yet with all the talent they have, it was not the first time the Lightning had made such a comfortable lead.
  • Lightning  didn’t blow a lead since December 18, 2013,
  • They were able to keep 105 times the lead since then.
  • The sequence ended Wednesday.
  • Indeed, the Lightning may have been a victim of their own talent.
  • It’s not easy to ask a group of such skillful players to focus on their defensive game early in a game.
  • For John Cooper, it is unthinkable to ask strikers such as Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov or Ondrej Palat to play against their nature and become a Selke Trophy nominee.
  • However, he says there is a balance to be struck.
  • Especially in the playoffs, where the details becomes even more important than in the regular season.
  • The Lightning have suffered two losses in a row only on two occasions this season.




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