Don Cherry expressing his belief that Jordan Binnington should win the Calder trophy over Elias Pettersson

  • Wait, wait, the prototypical old-school irrelevant Hockey Man™ likes a good ole Ontario kid more than a Swede?
  • If anything, this essentially destroys any chance of Binnington garnering votes from rational and normal people who don’t identify with Don
  • Don’t worry Canucks fans, Pettersson is way ahead of Jordan.
  • What he’s accomplish this year is just phenomenal.
  • On the other hand, we do not want to take anything away from Jordan Bennington who, since his arrival with the Blues, he has given hope to a team that was going nowhere.
  • From the bottom of the standings, to a playoff participation.
  • Can we now all agree that Don Cherry should not be on tv. its so annoying to have to rush to change the channel quick enough to not have to hear his awful “analysis”.




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