The Nashville Predators would be looking to liberate some space on their salary cap this summer


  • As the Nashville Predators are preparing to face the Dallas Stars in the first round, PK Subban was again mentioned in trade rumors over the past few days.
  • Former NHL goaltender and analyst Corey Hirsch mentioned on Sportsnet 650 that he was “100% confident that Nashville would be wanting to trade Subban this summer.”
  • Due to his $ 9 million contract a year, the Predators may want to get rid of him in order to liberate more space on their salary cap.
  • Nashville is only $ 3 million under the cap for next year and will have to extend the contract of its captain Roman Josi at the end of the 2019-2020 season.
  • This is not the first timeĀ  Subban is at the center of rumors since his arrival in the country’s capital.
  • Subban contract will end at the end of the 2021-2022 season.
  • Maybe if Subban hadn’t spend so much time off the ice focusing on reality shows and Talk Shows special…
  • Maybe if he would have spend more time focusing on his job on the ice.
  • Maybe if he wasn’t trying to be under the spotlight so much.
  • Maybe … If he hadn’t done all that the Preds would consider keeping him on their team.
  • Let’s see how the playoffs goes for number 76, because let’s be honest, so far, his season is a disaster.



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