What is your prediction for this year Stanley Cup Champion?

  1. Will the Caps be able to repeat history and win the Cup for a second year in a row.
  2. Will the Pens add one more Trophy to their Dynasty.
  3. Is this finally Tampa’s year?
  4. Will the San Jose Sharks choke once again?
  5. Does the Nashville Predators have what it takes to go all the way.
  6. Have the Jets learned from last year’s experience.
  7. Will the Calgary Flames continue on their successful season?
  8. Will the Blues continue their comeback?
  9. Can the Carolina Hurricanes  keep twinning without their Surge celebration.
  10. Can the Leafs deal with the pressure of winning now.
  11. Can the Bruins hustle their way to the final?
  12. Can the Islanders keep surprising everyone?
  13. Does the Dallas Stars have what it takes to win a championship
  14. Will Vegas get lucky again?
  15. Will the Columbus Blue Jackets win their UFA’s gamble.
  16. Can the Colorado win their 3rd Cup?


To be continued


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