Rasmus Ristolainen was not a happy man this morning

Sometimes I would like to see something in practice or in the room – when you guys don’t see – guys going at each other. You know, maybe mother-f%cker each other a little bit.” –

Sabres Rasmus Ristolainen
  • Rasmus Ristolainen had the worst differential in the national league with -41.
  • The only worst player in the NHL this year was Nick Leddy with -42.
  • His teammate, Rasmus Dahlin, was able to provide the offense with 44 points, one more than Ristolainen.
  • However, Dahlin posted a noticeably worse differential with -13.
  • The Finnish defender will have to find a way to improve his defensive game during the summer.
  • But with this kind of declaration and attitude, it doesn’t look like the finish player wants to continue playing for this team.



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