The best team in NHL history not to make the playoffs


  • The Montreal Canadiens could beat a very sad record on Saturday.
  • If habs get three or four points by the end of the season and but do not make the playoffs, they will become the best team in league history not to do it.
  • The Canadiens would have a total of 97 or 98 points.
  • That would be heartbreaking for Canadians.
  • For now, the Boston Bruins (2014-2015) and Florida Panthers (2017-2018) hold the record for most points without participating the playoffs with 96.
  • That’s a sad record to hold on to.
  • Either way, if Habs make it or not, Marc Bergevin will have the ultimate argument for the media at the end of the season.
  • At the beginning of the year, reporters and fans were already throwing rotten tomatoes at this team.
  • Condanant them to the last place in the standings.
  • Now, if they do make the playoffs, Bergevin will say: ” See ! We made it”
  • And if they don’t, he’ll be like : ” See, we’re the best team in NHL history not making the playoffs”
  • For those who are hoping for change in this organisation, you can forget about it.
  • Until Geoff Molson hires a hockey president, Marc Bergevin will have the green light to do whatever he wants.



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