Habs chances for postseason action are getting pretty slim

NHL Game Highlights | Canadiens vs. Capitals – April 04, 2019
  • Canadians lost 2-1 to the Capitals in Washington.
  • Meanwhile, the Hurricanes defeated the Devils 3-1 and secured their place in the playoffs.
  • The only team Habs could  pass in the standings is the Columbus Blue Jackets.
  • Jackets will be in action Friday night against the New York Rangers.
  • If they win against the Blueshirts, it’s simple, they eliminate the Canadiens and get a free pass for the playoffs.
  • Canadians have no choice to win against the Maple Leafs on Saturday and hope the Blue Jackets only win one point over their last two games (against the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators).
  • Habs fans… It’s now time to pray… Only a miracle can take place.



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