It’s playoff time in the KHL and Igor Shestyorkin name is on everybody’s lips

Shestyorkin was the Rangers fourth round pick in 2014 and has played well ever since, so much so that the Rangers think they may have their goalie of the future. 

“It’s not only the way Shestyorkin plays, it’s the way he carries himself that’s equally impressive and sets him apart. He’s special,” director of player personnel Gordie Clark said. “He’s the closest thing that I’ve seen to Henrik [Lundqvist].

You’ve got all these big goalies now, 6-3 and 6-4, who play the butterfly, but this guy likes to use his reflexes and challenge you.

He has the attitude of, ‘You shoot it, I’ll stop it.’ I saw him play as an underage in the U-18 at Sochi in 2013, and he was lights out. Even then, he played like a man. And I know he’s talked about playing in the NHL. “That’s where they all want to play, in the best league in the world.” One problem is that Shestyorkin signed a three-year deal before the start of the season with his KHL team. Stay tuned.





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