Justin Williams says regardless of outcome, tonight will be the team’s last Storm Surge of the season

  • Carolina Hurricanes captain Justin Williams tweeted Thursday that, “regardless of outcome,” the team will be playing out their final choreographed celebration at PNC Arena on Thursday night after their game against the Washington Capitals.
  • Fun time is over in Carolina.
  • The Hurricanes’ post-game performances – done after each home win – have been the talk of the National Hockey League all season and have taken plenty of criticism among hockey traditionalists.
  • Haters can finally rest after the announcement.
  • A lot of angry NHL fans will be happy to hear this, specially Don Cherry who’s being held responsible for the #bunchofjerks trend
  • No more shows, no more celebration, no more fans being happy…
  • Now let’s play some serious hockey
  • Too bad they jinxed themself after the announcement was made as they lost their home game against the Caps.

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