Devils Devon Severson gives stick to young fan after 8 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors 

  • It’s now a common thing for NHL players to give away a puck or stick to children in the stands.
  • However, this fan had to work a little more to get a souvenir from her favorite player
  • Last Thursday, Madison Surdahl, a 12-year-old girl, attended the Devils game against the Bruins.
  • She really wanted to leave with a stick.
  • Before the match, the teenager played a rock-paper-scissors game against defender Damon Severson.
  • The Devils player won the game and gave a puck to the young woman as a consolation prize.
  • But she returned to the charge on Saturday as the Devils were receiving the Coyotes.
  • The teenager got a rematch against Severson.
  • This time, she won after 8 rounds and was able to get her hands on the Devils’ stick.



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