Mike Babcock Opens Up About Relationship With Leafs’ GM Kyle Dubas

  • Mike Babcock has taken some criticism for his recent comments regarding the Maple Leafs roster and upper management.
  • He breaks down what it all meant and his relationship with GM Kyle Dubas.
  • When the Toronto Maple Leafs got Jake Muzzin, Mike Babcock made a surprising comeback.
  • Obviously, the Leafs coach was not very cheerful about the new acquisition of his CEO, stating that “it was not perfect”.
  • At this point, the Leafs had 5 left-handed defenders.
  • The needs were rather on the right side …

It’s not perfect, but that’s what we got. That’s what was available and we’re going to make it work.

Mike Babcock
  • And some are now wondering if there is not some friction between Babcock and Dubas.
  • Babcock does not hesitate to step in front of the press to criticize the decisions of his General Manager
  • In any case, it seems that Dubas and Babcock are not on the same page on several topics, and this is certainly not an ideal situation right before the playoffs …



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