Habs or Jackets, Who Makes Playoffs?
  • The battle for the last wild card spot in the East is heating up between the Canadiens and Blue Jackets.
  • Who will be the last team standing when the regular season begins?
  • If the Columbus Blue Jackets don’t qualify for the playoffs, they will be some major drastic change on this team during the postseason.
  • With all the prospects and draft picks they gave away for Duchene and Dzingel, there is no way both coaching staff and management group will be back next year.
  • Not making the playoffs means losing Panarin, Bobrovsky, Duchene, Dzingel and all those draft picks for nothing.
  • That is if, of course, none of them resign in Columbus.
  • That’s a lot of unnecessary pressure for a team to perform.
  • Now on the other hand, we got Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens.
  • A team that plays with heart and speed.
  • A team that nobody predicted they’ll be battling for a playoff spot.
  • A team that plays with no pressure.
  • A team that plays like it has nothing to lose.
  • Now that’s the kind of mind set that would probably favor the Montreal Canadiens on this one.

Plus, if Carey Price decides he wants to make the playoffs… Watch out folks



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