Alex Ovechkin Drops Ryan McDonagh With Elbow & Steven Stamkos Responds With Power Play Goal
  • Alex Ovechkin drops Ryan McDonagh with an elbow and Steven Stamkos makes the Capitals pay with an easy power play goal.
  • As though this doesn’t look to be on purpose… The facts are that Alex Ovechkin  landed a direct elbow to McDonagh’s head.
  • It kinda looks sneaky … we can’t know for sure…
  • Only Ovie would know.
  • But why does Ryan always find himself hurt in these kind of situation.
  • How many times have we seen McDonagh getting hurt from a sneaky innocent play.
  • Maybe Ryan is the one who has to change something to his game.
  • One thing for sure… those two don’t like each other.
  • They were going at it all night.

Ryan McDonagh's habit of getting hurt

NHL Game Highlights | Lightning vs. Capitals – March 20, 2019


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