Haley Actually Pulls Ryan Reaves Off The Bench While Looking For A Fight
  • Ryan Reaves made it to the bench after a massive hit on Melker Karlsson
  • But Micheal Haley was searching for a fight and pulled Reaves off the bench to try and drop the gloves.
  • Anybody dying to see Michael Haley and Ryan Reaves beat the crap out of each other?
  • Or should we say, Ryan Reaves beating the crap out of Haley.
  • Ryan Reaves talks about the temperature of the game towards the beginning, but maintaining the composure was key to success
Postgame: 3/18 – Reaves

Postgame Vs VGK (3/18): Haley

Who would be stupid enough to want to mess with Ryan Reaves?

NHL Game Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Sharks – March 18, 2019

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