An amateur hockey player completely lost it in a friendly hockey game on the North Shore by punching a referee in the face.
  • The event occurred during the Harold Cyr Olympic 50 Tournament on Saturday at the Denis-Perron Arena in Havre-Saint-Pierre.
  • Nicolas Cyr’s 45-year-old straight blue team player gave the referee no chance
  • he gave the Official a straight up sucker punch.
  • It all came together in a multi-category, adult friendly competition, which ran from Thursday to Sunday.
  • The challenge for the winning team was $ 1,700.
  • Yesterday, a shocking video of about thirty seconds was circulating on social media.
  • There was an amateur hockey player garlanding a referee.
  • At the end of a moment, the player rushes with all his strength and directs a well-felt right in the face of one of the officials of the meeting. à
  • The other referee then tries to restrain the assailant as the crowd is heard screaming his displeasure.
  • The native player of Le Havre-Saint-Pierre is then escorted out of the rink.

“I have not slept since Saturday. I am extremely sorry and will be still tomorrow, “

 Nicolas Cyr
Some people just need to sign up to some anger management class

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