Elias Pettersson Roofs It Top Corner Over Blackwood’s Shoulder To Score
  • This insanely accurate shot by Elias Pettersson goes to corner to get the Vancouver Canucks on the boards.
  • There is not that many players in the league who can trigger a shot like that with that much precision and power.
  • And how can someone who weighs 175 pounds be able to shoot that hard.
  • We are telling you, this guy is out of this world.
  • The Devils had the first choice back in 2017.
  • They are probably starting to think they picked the wrong guy.
  • Don’t get us wrong, Nico Hischier is a terrific hockey player.
  • But he’s not an Alien… hahaha
Elias Pettersson has the vision of a Lynx


NHL Highlights | Devils vs Canucks – Mar 15, 2019

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