Maple Leafs & Auston Matthews Have Goal Called Back After Elliott Knocks Net Loose
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs and Auston Matthews think they have a goal but after a review the referees determined the net was already off its moorings.
  • On the bright side, Leafs looking good in the St. Pats gear.
  • Philly alternate jerseys aren’t too bad either.
  • Anyways… back to the main subject…
  • Regardless if the net was on or off  … this would have been a goal
  • Their own goalie knocked it off
  • Calling it no goal makes zero sense
  • Doesn’t matter, Auston got his revenge right here

Is there a conspiracy against the Leafs 

NHL Highlights | Flyers vs Maple Leafs – Mar 15, 2019

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