Simple Steps: Delia’s Pirouette
  • Collin Delia learns how to do a pirouette in the newest episode of Simple Steps.
  • We all know how graceful Colin Delia is now.
  • Specially after he pulled a nice little trick against the Toronto Maple Leafs with 25 seconds left to the game.
  • Leafs did not find him that elegant when he dislodge the net as they were that close to score the tying goal.
  • Well too bad for the Leafs… All they had to do was show up for 60 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, let’s enjoy Collin Delia new hobby:  “The Pirouette “
Hey look... I'm Collin Delia

Collin Delia Nudges Net Loose As Maple Leafs Frantically Look For Tying Goal



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