Cast of The Mighty Ducks drop ceremonial puck in Anaheim
  • The cast and crew of The Mighty Ducks drop the ceremonial first puck in Anaheim before the Ducks take on the Canucks
  • Wow. childhood restored!
  • Imagine if the Ducks actually pulled the Fly in V during the game.
  • Quack quack quack quack!!!
  • It’s too bad Gordon Bombay wasn’t there.
  • We miss you Emilio.
  • We all know why Goldberg wasn’t invited.
  • Star Shaun Weiss was Arrested for public intoxication not to long ago.
  • The actor, who played goalie Greg “Goldie” Goldberg in the ’90s movies, was arrested for public intoxication, and his unrecognizable mugshot has left fans shocked and saddened.

NHL Highlights | Canucks vs. Ducks – Feb 13, 2019



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