The odds of a hypothetical Leafs-Habs playoff series
  • How crazy would that be?
  • Leafs excited at prospect of facing anyone but Boston probably.
  • The Habs are having a pretty impressive season so far.
  • Nobody thought that they would be in a good position for a playoff spot at this stage of the season.
  • But the big question mark about this team is their lack of production on the powerplay.
  • In a seven game series, you cannot only rely on your 5 on 5 play.
  • That’s where the Leafs have an advantage if those two teams meet each other in the playoffs.
  • The Toronto Maple leafs have enough firepower to make the Montreal Canadiens pay every time they take a bad penalty.
  • Playing on your heels is not something you want to do if you are Claude Julien.
  • Being the Underdogs would be the only advantage the Habs would have in this series.
  • Sometimes, playing with no pressure, gives you the extra motivation and confidence you need to play at your best.
  • But still, advantage to the Leafs on this one.





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