Canucks’ Michael DiPietro Allows Goal On First NHL Shot Faced
  • Just over a minute into his NHL debut Michael DiPietro allows a Timo Meier goal on the very first shot faced in his NHL career.
  • Michael DiPietro is the second-youngest goalie in Canucks franchise history, less than 3 weeks older than Troy Gamble was at the time of his first NHL start on Nov. 22, 1986.
  • Not exactly the start he was hoping as Sharks shell Canucks as Michael DiPietro roughed up in NHL debut.
  • Why would you start the new guy against a savage ass team full of beasts?
  • The poor kid allowed 7 goals on 24 shots.
  • The poor kid got thrown to the Sharks.
  • Evander Kane scored two goals as the San Jose Sharks crushed the Vancouver Canucks.
NHL Highlights | Sharks vs. Canucks – Feb 11, 2019



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